How to Find Work During Covid-19

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I've been wanting to do a blog to help others find ways to earn money online and offline for quite some time.

We are living in quite challenging times of course. So I wanted to make my first blog about something that I'm quite passionate about which is helping others find ways to earn money online and offline.

Many people are turning to the web now to find a means to work or to find a way to continue their work from home.

Below are some tips that I have to see what could be a benefit to you.

1. Search Craigslist

I know Craigslist may not be the means that one may want to initially look for work. However there are some things that one can try.

-Gigs There are several ways to find gigs for work that are in your niche which could be anywhere from computers, labor, crew, domestic, talent, and writing.

This is where I've picked up some work previously getting website projects and some blogging for others. However there are a variety of things that one can fine.

**Tip - If you are trying to get and answer sooner then find ads that have phone numbers. Emailing works to an extent. However phone numbers will help greatly in terms of finding out quickly if you have a project you can do for someone or not.

2. Facebook Business Opportunities ( For those that have a little money to invest)

I know this isn't working a full time job and yes most of these opportunities require some sort of financial or time investment. Some of us have that ability and others do not. Non-the-less for those who may want to take a chance there are opportunities from blogging, drop-shipping sites, educational training, real estate, and others.

Here are some opportunities below that could be of benefit to you:

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3. Traditional job sites

These can include those such as

Those are the top job sites that I've recommended to others in the past.

4. Work from home opportunities

This is a little more challenging to find for some because it depends on the person's niche and skill set.

For those that are seeking telecommute jobs one of my favorite sites to find work is

There are a variety of jobs to apply for that are seeking people who work remotely or partially remotely from it, real estate, consulting, and many others.

The fee I think is about $14.99 per month to use. But not a bad price for the entire database they have to share with others to help them find work.


Amazon is hiring full time employees to work from home presently.

Click Here to find out more information.

6. Bird dogging.

For those who may be involved in different aspects of real estate one can find investors who are looking for certain things.

For example. - I work on the side for an investor who purchases performing and non-performing notes. So if you were to know of someone who is wanting to sell or liquidate a performing or non-performing note you could send them to my email at and you would earn a referral fee on anything that closes.

More information to come..

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